The Diaspora of Rembetiko
After years of research, a dream has at last come true: the world’s first major anthology of Rembetiko – the “Greek Blues”. Presenting 31 ensembles from 13 countries, the album showcases the leading representatives of Rembetiko in its many forms throughout the world and traces its development over the years.

Rembetiko emerged in the early 1920s in the port cities of Piraeus and Thessaloniki where hundreds of thousands of Greek refugees arrived from Asia Minor. They brought with them their own lifestyle and their oriental music. In the taverns, or tekedes, they smoked hash, made music, and dressed in a distinctive way. It was a subculture that went against the grain. Banned under various dictatorships and later ideologically rejected, Rembetiko still survived in various forms, eventually becoming an integral part of Greek identity. From Greece, Rembetiko spread among the immigrant communities of North America, Australia and Western Europe.

This musical journey through the world of Rembetiko presents the best groups, including Apodimi Compania from Australia, Prosechos, Salto Orientale and Zotos Kompania from Germany, Kudsi Ergüner and Melihat Gülses from Turkey, Diamanda Galas and the Projekt Café Aman Amerika from the USA, Taximi from Sweden, Palio-Paréa from Holland, The Rembetika Hipsters from Canada and such icons of recent Greek musical history as Mikis Theodorakis, Dionyssis Savopoulos, Nikos Xydakis, Niki Tramba and Ross Daly at the Café Aman and Stavros Xarchakos with music from the legendary film „Rembetiko“.

Double CD, 33 tracks, 9 of which are released for the first time on this anthology or taken from no longer available productions. Almost two and a half hours playing time. Lavishly illustrated booklet with informative introductory text and translations of the song lyrics.