Origine Orients
2009 is a very special year for Abaji: back to Lebanon for his first concert on the land of his birth and after 33 years of exile, he is releasing his fifth album called “Origine Orients”, one single origin for many orients and preparing his new show with Lebanese Oriental dancer Nawal Raad inspired by the folkloric Mediterranean dances with a contemporary approach.

Musical meetings led Abaji on the five continents: with the zulus of South Africa, with the indians of Mexico, the gnawas of Morocco and the Kawwali of Lahore Pakistan. Beauty in music is shared with everybody!

2009 is a very special year because the lebanese born living in Paris, multi-instrumentalist and singer decided to produce himself his fifth album, to record it in one take and to sing in the five languages of his family: french and arabic and greek and turkish and armenian. We are in 2009, “
Origine Orients” is yours.


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